Simulator Upgrade

We have made some updates to our ATC Tower Simulator which inhances the performance and capabilities of the system....



Facilities equipments of our college

The College is equipped with world class BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training) simulators from UK company MicroNav Ltd that incorporates up-to-date features including Short Term Conflict Alert, Flight Data Processing, Active Flight Plan and Meteorology Messaging. The simulator is capable of generating both civil and military multi-position exercise scenarios and regularly operates integrated approach radar, director and talkdown exercises.
Our MicroNav 3D visual and Radar simulators are fully flexible and capable of displaying any configuration of airspace the user requires. The college is equipped with the latest generation Air Defence simulator capable of simulating basic and advanced air defence exercises, from basic intercepts to large scale multi-national war gaming packages enabling Combined Air Operations and AWACS operation.
The system has all the modern features that are found in today's real life systems, including programmable radar and R/T jamming, chaff, raw and processed radar, a recognised air picture and computer aided interception capability.