Category: Civil Courses Duration: 8 weeks (200 hours)


To provide students theory, principles and practice of area control (non - radar) in excess of the minimum ICAO standards and recommended practices and prepare them for validation training at an area control (non - radar) unit.


Classroom Tuition


  • Area Control Practices and Proc (ACC)
  • The FIR and Divisions of Airspace
  • Area of Jurisdiction - ACC
  • Flight Rules
  • Flight Data Processing
  • Provision of Air Traffic Services
  • Vertical Separation of Aircraft
  • Longitudinal Separation of Aircraft
  • Lateral Separation of Aircraft
  • Holding Procedures and Expected Approach Times
  • Separation between Holding and En-route Aircraft
  • Altimeter Setting Procedures
  • Minimum Usable Levels
  • Air Traffic Advisory Services
  • Aeronautical Mobile Service Facilities
  • Communications Failure Procedures
  • Aeronautical Fixed Service Facilities
  • Local Climatology and Met Services
  • Co-ordination with Military Authorities and other Airspace users
  • Search and Rescue Organisations 




  • 28 hours of simulation per student will be provided during the course including assessments and final examination.


Criteria for entry into training


  • Entrants should be in possession of a current Air Traffic Controller's Licence.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of English Language to IELTS 5.5.