Simulator Upgrade

We have made some updates to our ATC Tower Simulator which inhances the performance and capabilities of the system....



Start Date: 2021-10-20

End Date: 2021-06-25

Category: Military Courses Duration: 6 to 13 weeks.


The OACC reflects the changes in Air Warfare over the last decade by offering a Weapons Control Course that covers the complete spectrum of weapons control from basic control to the more advanced tactical subjects and procedures. These are shown as Basic and Tactical respectively. Customers can choose a Basic 1 course, a Tactical course (providing that the student is suitably qualified by having passed a Basic course or an equivalent course within 3 months of starting the Tactical course), or opt for the complete course encompassing Basic and Tactical.

Course Lengths


  • Basic - 6 Weeks. 
  • Advance - 7 Weeks. 
  • Basic and Advance - 13 weeks. 


Theoretical Subjects Basic


  • Basic Navigation and Meteorology
  • Basic Radio and Radar Theory
  • Communications Procedures
  • Stern Interception Techniques (90º to 180º)
  • Air Traffic Control procedures and Air Defence procedures
  • Introduction to Electronic Warfare


Practical Subjects Basic


       •  Radar Simulation Familiarisation

       •  Transfer of Aircraft Control Procedures

       •  Geometrical Subsonic Interceptions


Theoretical Subjects Advance


  • Fighter Aircraft Performance
  • Fighter Radar and Weapon Systems
  • Air to Air Missiles (Infra Red, Semi Active Radar Homing and
         Active Radar systems)
  • Bullseye Control
  • Tactics and Principles of Electronic Warfare
  • Weapon System Employment
  • Combat Search and Rescue
  • Airborne Early Warning
  • Air to Air Refuelling Operations
  • Air Tasking Order
  • Joint Operation Principles/Combined Air Operations
  • Quick Reaction Alert Procedures
  • Air Combat TrainingCustomer Specific Fighter Aircraft (F-16C, Mirage 2000-5, F/A-18C/D, F-15C, Hawk) 


Practical Subjects Advance


  • Frontal Geometry Interceptions
  • Interception Techniques with full evasion
  • Bullseye/Big Picture Control techniques
  • Multiple Target Interception and Tactics
  • Package Control in Air Defence Exercises including Offensive
         Counter Air (OCA), Defensive Counter Air (DCA) and High Value
         Asset (HVA) protection
  • Quick Reaction Alert Exercises (QRA)
  • Air to Air Refuelling (AAR)
  • Air Combat Training (ACT)