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Start Date: 2022-04-06

End Date: 2022-04-28

Category: Military Courses Duration: 6 weeks per module.


Oman Aircraft Control College offers a range of Aviation English Language courses to suit varying language levels and operational needs. The courses have been developed by RMIT University in Australia and are provisionally endorsed by ICAO - the first English language programs to achieve this status. We are a proud partner of RMIT University and an accredited RELTA Test Centre.

Aviation English Language


The Aviation English Language course is designed for aviation personnel who need to improve their general English to meet regulatory and operational requirements. This course is suited for participants at intermediate level. 


The course:


  • Consists of up to 250 hours of language learning across two modules: Module 1 and Module 2.
  • Provides an interactive approach to learning with relevant and meaningful activities using a variety of aviation-related situations.
  • Focuses on improving broad language skills in general English contexts related to aviation.




6 weeks per module.


Criteria for Entry


Module 1:

  • English Language proficiency at a minimum level of IELTS 4.0 or equivalent, assessed using an online placement test organised by the College.
  • Satisfactory interview and written assessment.

Module 2:

  • Successful completion of Module 1 or demonstrated English Language proficiency at a minimum level of IELTS 4.5 or equivalent, evaluated by an online placement test organised by the College.
  • Satisfactory Interview and written assessment.

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There are two radiotelephony courses; Radiotelephony English for Air Traffic Controllers and Radiotelephony English for Pilots.  The courses are designed for controllers, or pilots, who need to improve their English in radiotelephony communication to meet regulatory and operational requirements.

Radiotelephony English for Air Traffic Controllers and Radiotelephony English for Pilots contain book-based and online learning materials for flexible learning. Developed in conjunction with experts from Air Services Australia (ATC course) and Qantas (pilots’ course), the tasks are up to date and relevant.


Each course:


  • Consists of 150 hours of learning materials across two components: Workbook  and online package.
  • Focuses on listening and speaking skills required for routine and non-routine communication using aviation words and phrases, as well as plain English.
  • Provides an interactive approach to learning with activities based on a variety of ground and in-flight situations.




6 weeks for each course


ICAO 295 Language Proficiency Testing


RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) is an English language test designed to assess pilots, air traffic controllers and light aircraft pilots for licensing purposes. RELTA is ICAO endorsed, in accordance with the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements.

RELTA uses aviation scenarios to reliably and effectively measure English language skills in both face-to-face and radiotelephony communication.

RELTA includes:

  • Assessment of listening and speaking skills for licensing purposes according to ICAO requirements.
  • Test results evaluated using ICAO six-band language rating scale.
  • Delivery and assessment by examiners trained and accredited by RMIT University English Worldwide.
  • Regular monitoring of RELTA to ensure validity and reliability

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Beyond Level 4


Beyond Level 4 is an online English program that develops high level skills for aviation professionals ensuring that language proficiency is maintained between ICAO English Language Proficiency tests. It actively develops language proficiency beyond ICAO’s Operational Level 4, and provides training for Pilots or Air Traffic Controllers who wish to achieve ICAO level 5 or 6, ensuring extended periods between tests.

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Should you require more information, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific training requirements in more detail.