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Category: Civil Courses Duration: 2 weeks


To equip the student with the skills to become an effective classroom instructor within their training organization. A practical phase is also provided for students to enable them to become effective in the skill of an Air Defence or Air Traffic Control simulator instructor supervising students in dynamic simulated conditions.

Course Outline


Students receive instruction in all aspects of the subject, they are then given the opportunity to construct and present their own lessons, talks and lectures. Students are debriefed using a video debrief system during which they can examine their own teaching style and content of presentation. 


Course Length


 Course lengths is 2 weeks. 




Lessons are taught by suitably qualified instructors in English although a provision exists whereby students may teach some of their lessons in Arabic if there is a specific customer requirement to so do. Lessons in Arabic would be assessed by an Arabic speaking instructor.


Classroom Facilities


A specialist Instructor Training classroom is provided. Instruction is carried out using PowerPoint lessons utilizing an overhead projector. The classroom is comprehensively equipped with PCs, scanners, Internet and printers enabling the student to prepare their lessons and presentations thoroughly.


Course Syllabus


The following aspects of instructional theory are taught:

  • Effective communication
  • The Learning Process
  • Systems Approach to Training
  • Training Objectives
  • The Instructor
  • The Knowledge Lesson
  • The Lesson Plan
  • Training Aids
  • The Skills Lesson
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Notes and Handouts
  • Classroom Management
  • Lesson Preparation
  • Measurement, Testing and Evaluation
  • Other Methods of Instruction
  • Briefing, Monitoring and Debriefing and Practical Assessment
  • Supporting the Trainee
  • Training Reports, their content and how to write them 


Criteria for entry into training


  • Trainees should have a good oral and written command of the English language (standard IELTS 5.5+) 

Should you require more information please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your specific training requirements in more detail.